Pochettino needs to right Spurs’ course quickly if he is to have the legacy he craves.

Get it?


Unless you don’t really follow football and have some reason decided to read this blog-post anyway, then you’ll know that Tottenham lost 7-2 at home to Bayern Munich in the Champions League last night. The first time they have conceded seven times at home in recorded history and to make matters even worse, a former Arsenal player did the majority of the damage as Serge Gnabry beat Hugo Lloris on four separate occasions. This heavy, heavy blow comes off the back of rumours of unrest in the dressing room and a general feeling that Pochettino’s race at Tottenham may have run its course.

As in truth Spurs started their Champions League campaign last season in basically identical fashion, losing 4-2 to Barca at home before recovering and scraping through the group stage to then so nearly go on and win the whole damn thing. A year ago though things were different at the club. First all of they’re weren’t the issues of key players such as Christian Eriksen wanting to leave the club but ending up staying and possibly now running down their contracts. Moreover, despite a much more fruitful transfer window Pochettino claimed that he couldn’t wait for the international transfer window to shut so he could get on with his job and ease some ‘unsettled’ players.

So despite finally being able to add to his squad significantly, especially in midfield, Pochettino is now seemingly having to fight fires that have developed over the last twelve months. The Eriksen saga along with a similar situation with Danny Rose is accompanied by the fact his two established central defenders are now both comfortably on the wrong side of thirty. Bayern’s goals were all taken exceptionally with superb quality, but Spurs’ defence crumbled in the later stages of the game as fans streamed out of their spanking brand new stadium.

This being said Tottenham under Poch have a habit of turning the tide just when the collective wolves are at their door. However after the painful near miss from ultimate glory still fresh in the memory, some will claim that Pochettino doesn’t have many more magic tricks left to perform. He overall still has an excellent squad yet one that perhaps doesn’t quite match his elite ambitions. And whatever has gone on behind the scenes does seem to be affecting on field duties somewhat.

Though in truth, Spurs memorable Champions League tun at the back end of last season no doubt served as a smokescreen for some very poor domestic form, as Spurs have only managed to pick up twenty-two points in the league since the end of February. So Spurs’ current problems should perhaps be seen as an accumulation of issues from the past eight months rather than a sudden dip in form, all hidden in the midst of an epic Champions League run. Either way, the issue for Pochettino now is that this season will almost certainly be a downgrade on the last. An early exit from the Carabao Cup means that in reality Spurs only feasible chance of silverware this season is the FA Cup. As another Champions League adventure on current form doesn’t now seem possible and Spurs are already basically out of the title race after Liverpool’s perfect start to the season.

So most likely Pochettino will aim to once again fill Spurs’ position as the third or fourth best team in the land, something that some supporters may be growing a little weary of. However, when looking at the current state of affairs and the emergence of Leicester as a possible trend breaker to the moulded ‘top six’ culture, then Spurs may yet struggle to maintain their now well established position of being prime top four contenders. In a season where many would have hoped that they were now ready to move past that.

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